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01 Global Consolidated

Across many branches.

02 Maintain Inventory

Service items and non-stock items – Maintain service items on Genesis as well as non-stock items.

03 Bulk Selling Price

Bulk selling price maintenance utility

04 Inventory Categories

With departments & sub departments.

05 Buy Stock In Different

In different units and conversions – Multiple units of measures are available for conversion.

06 User Security Per

In different units and conversions.

07 Complete Serial Number

Serial number tracking is available to track item warranties, as well as items sold to customers.

08 User Security Per

Per inventory location and inventory category.

09 Vendor Lead Times

And days on hand for inventory management – Manage stock reordering with the correct timelines to never run out of stock.

010 Business Intelligence

Business intelligence inventory reporting

011 Minumum & Max

With dynamic calculations.

012 Maintain Up Sell

With optimal screen pop notifications.

013 Optional Item Segmentation

And item create numbering conversions.

014 Link Items to Multiple

To stock items with delivery and lead times.

015 Item Copy or

Item copy or create function

016 Process Using Two

Or factors for box sizes to squared meters.

017 Extended Inventory

Up to three inventory descriptions are available in Genesis.

018 Insert Item Images

And sales processing documents such as sales orders – Upload images to Genesis, which can be sent to an eCommerce website and managed.

019 Unlimited Price

Unlimited price lists for items

020 Varient & Season

Variant & season groups per stock item

021 Fully Barcode

Fully barcode enabled

022 Print Stock Labels

Customisable – Print barcode labels to shelves, as well as to be used on stock items.

023 Inventory

Internal requisitions & issues

024 Multi-Location

Warehouse inventory with stock, transit and damaged warehouses with transfers.

025 Warehouse Processing

For receiving, sales and/or customer returns.

026 Define User Warehouse

User warehouse access securities

027 Bill of Materials

Bill of materials/auto kitting

028 Stock Count

Full stocktaking, as well as warehouse, bin and quick stocktakes available.

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Company Brochure

Price List

Product Features

Support Ticket

Training Manuals

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