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01 Sales Invoices

Sales invoices & delivery notes

02 Sales Orders

Importation of quotations to sales orders to invoices in one easy process.

03 Sales Reporting

Comprehensive reporting on debtors’ sales trends, GPs and margins.

04 Multiple Debtor

Multiple debtor contacts with biometrics

05 Create Delivery

Assign to drivers/vehicles with full manifest printing – Delivery routes available per debtor as well as multiple delivery addresses.

06 Invoice Inventory

Receipts facility with deposits

07 Save Amend

Save / amend / recall invoices.

08 View Full Sales

From all processing documents & copy required info to current document.

09 Print Delivery Note

Manual, as well as mobile device delivery notes.

010 Link Customers to Unlimited

Link customers to unlimited pricelists & automated pricing.

011 Change Customer Pricelists

on stock receiving / manufacturing on pre-defined stock group mark-ups – Automated pricing on debtors can be set on a set GP%, set price code or set discount.

012 Ability to block

to be returned or not purchased.

013 Credit Guarantee Information

Credit guarantee information

014 Account Pre Autherasation

to purchase on account.

015 Set Backorder Rules

Per customer to allow/ warn/ block – Debtor backorder reports available, as well as outstanding stock to be dispatched.

016 Attach Due Invoices

With email statements.

017 Keep Track of Sales

Keep track of sales persons & targets.

018 Recurring

Recurring invoices contract billing

019 Sales Person Recording

At document header or document line level.

020 Recall Sales Invoices

Recall sales invoices recurring in bulk

021 OTP Autherisation

To purchase / pay / use account (client or user).

022 Credit Note Authorisation

And return reasons.

023 Sales person CRM

Assignment per account.

024 Customer Item Discounts

Discount pricing matrix.

025 Apply Payment Discounts

Apply payment discounts

026 Credit limit Temporary

Or temporary credit limit functionality.

027 Keep Track of Customer

Track customer backorders

028 User Security Per

User security per customer category

029 Cycle Billing

Subscription / repetitive billing.

030 Interest Billing

Interest billing for overdue accounts

031 Receivables Account

Browsers with BI & Excel integration.

032 Process Invoices

Remote sales terminal.

033 Document Validations

For exit door security – Invoice validations available, can be scanned with barcoding.

034 Allow for Multiple

Or payment splits on customer invoicing for accurate cash control.

036 Create Quotations

Then convert to invoices.

037 Optionally View GPs

Within the sales screen at time of processing (or documents).

038 Maintain Minimum

Maintain minimum GPs by item category

039 Unique Sales Form

Unique sales form layouts per customer

040 Invoice Customers

Invoice customers using their codes

041 Display Item Weights

On sales documents.

042 Attach Item Documents

On the fly with emailed sales statements.

043 Open Order Cancellation

Open order cancellation management

044 Set Delivery Charges

Set delivery charges automatically

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Company Brochure

Price List

Product Features

Support Ticket

Training Manuals

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