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Nexus is our full-service suite. It combines all the services we provide into a single a la carte menu where you can choose a support and service package the fits into your budget and business requirements.

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Managed Services

The technology world is constantly changing and evolving, IT support is no longer a question of having the local IT guy onsite to plug in keyboard or add printer. That is why we provide Managed Services consisting of Remote Management, Remote Support, Onsite Support and Service Provision and Monitoring where we monitor a customer’s IT infrastructure 24/7. We use world class tools to provide remote support and monitor infrastructure, services, databases, updates and security threats. This allows us to address issues before they affect a customer’s business continuity. Our Managed Services include specialized network security services, firewalls and managed anti-virus services that can be monitored on a granular level with real-time updates.

Backup Solutions

We offer a wide range of backups solutions, suited to a customer’s specific needs. We offer solutions that replicate physical machines to a cloud infrastructure and be available within seconds, our offering also includes database replication to remote databases. We can cater for most backup requirements, and pride ourselves in being able to provide a backup solution that will meet our customer’s need and that is budget friendly

Onsite Maintenance

We offer a wide range of skills and specialization to our maintenance customers. Ranging from network specialist, database administrators, security specialist, Voice and data gurus, Senior support staff and Retail business process advisors that are all available to our maintenance customers.

Cloud migration and Hybrid cloud solutions

The Cloud as a business platform has been around for more than a decade. Most aspiring businesses have made a partial move to cloud through the use Office 365, Exchange Online, One Drive etc. All these subscription-based services have moved the capital expenditure of large infrastructure and services to a shared cloud-based platform where multiple tenants can benefit from shared resources and provide an always on service. The advancement of new technology and platforms are destined to be cloud based. Any business that utilizes technology today needs to consider a cloud based or hybrid cloud-based solution and strategy. This is why we offer hosted services and cloud migration solutions and platforms that will ease your transition to the cloud. We have migrated multiple platforms and services even some legacy system to deliver a cloud-based experience.

Communication and Voice solutions

We offer a wide range of VoIP and unified communication solutions, with hybrid onsite/cloud PABX services at exceptional call rates. We have partnered with leading Tier 1 communication suppliers to be able to deliver call rates the deliver up to 60 % savings on traditional communication services. Our services include Auto voice attendant, call recording capabilities and all traditional PABX features. We also provide unified communication services with integration multiple platforms.

SMS, OTP and Marketing Platform

SMS is still considered one of the best direct contact and communication channels available. We provide a platform that deliver SMS’s across all south African network at a market leading rate. Our platform can deliver OTP’s and provide security check integrated into our Genesis platform, it also does duty as direct marketing service from our Genesis software where you can deliver personalized information or communication to your customer i.e. outstanding accounts, balances and current promotions. Our services are prepaid so you are in control of your spend and can top up online anytime.

Internet access and WEB/Mail Hosting services

We provide a comprehensive suite of connectivity services; Fiber, LTE , LTE-A , Wireless Broadband solutions , dedicated wireless solutions. We are service provider agnostic and partner with multiple vendors in various areas to provide the best connectivity for our customers. Our hosting platforms are class leading and based on proven technology. We can provide full management, or self-management, on Linux and Windows based server. Our firewalls and spam detection services provide protection and security and customization, and our hosting platforms have the latest technology that allows you to build modern website.

Security, Access Control and Surveillance

As part of our product and service’s portfolio we provide specialized surveillance security and access control systems based on our years of experience in high risk environments where multiple security measures and access control points are required. We only use class leading systems and provide installation, setup support and maintenance service. Our Time and attendance software also integrates into most modern day Access control systems.

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