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01 Supplier Rebates

Per department and item – A comprehensive rebate module was developed in the cash and carry industry. Manage rebates automatically and include rebates in the pricing.

02 Claims & Pre Claims

Claims & pre claims on rebates

03 Purchase Orders

Purchase orders with authorisation options. Authorisation can be set on amounts, to be managed by certain staff.

04 Purchase Order Approval

Including amounts that can be authorised – Selling price changes on GRV, automated pricing per set GP% and the ability to print barcode labels from GRVs.

05 Payments Facility

Payments facility with pre-payments

06 Invoice Inventory

Invoice inventory items, service items, GL codes

07 Multiple Contacts

Multiple contacts and delivery locations

08 Secure Save

Secure save/recall/amend purchase invoices

09 Claims on Short

Track short / over deliveries on Genesis, reporting available.

010 Creditors Catagories

Creditors categories and grouping

011 Create Purchase

Copy and trace through to receiving.

012 Create multiple

Or purchase orders to one vendor invoice – Create multiple purchase orders and import them into one GRV.

013 Additional Documents

Transporting – Capture transportation, import fees and additional costs onto GRVs can also be factored into the price.

014 Bulk Reorder Form

Automated reports are available to take min/max quantities of stock items and create reorder quantities. Can be updated every month for accurate purchasing functionality.

015 Print Vendor Purchase

Using item codes and descriptions.

016 View Full Supplier

View previous GRVs, purchase orders as well as claims for one single report.

017 Apply Discounts

Including rebates – Discounts can automatically be claimed and applied per invoice from a supplier.

018 Easy Creditor

Easy creditor take on utilities

019 Allocate Transactions

Allocate transactions to centres.

020 Keep Track

Keep track of backorders

021 Comprehensive Terms

At a document level.

022 Supplier Deals

Capture supplier cost pricing. Can be used on purchase orders as well as pricing utilities.

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Company Brochure

Price List

Product Features

Support Ticket

Training Manuals

Training Videos